Newspaper articles about Sharon Schuster


The oldest thing I found for Sharon was her birth certificate

This article about a fashion show at the AAUW holiday gala confused me at first, specifically the line "Holiday cocktail dresses, glamorous negligee and pelgnoir sets and suits will also be modeled by branch members including Carol Kekela and Mmes. Edward Quarterman, William Chesterman, Arnold Rivenes, Michael May, Sheldon Schuster, William Lrimer, Lester Peterson, Pillip Oliar." - Wait, *who* is modeling the dresses and negligees? It took me a minute to spot the word "Mmes" meaning that the clothes were being modeled by the *wives* of all these men, not by the men!

1961-11-12 Daily Review p19

1963-06-17 Daily Review p13

1964-03-15 Daily Review p17

We left Livermore in 1966, and moved to the San Fernando Valley, where Sharon got involved with the League of Women Voters and AAUW

1968-05-07 Van Nuys Valley News p41

1969-03-21 Van Nuys Valley News p49

I did Camp Fire Girls for a lot of years - I'm surprised this was the only mention I found in conjunction with either of our names.

1970-06-11 Van Nuys Valley News p46

More League of Women Voters and also B'nai Brith, Note her name in the Bnai Brith article,

1970-10-16 Van Nuys Valley News p26

1971-05-21 Van Nuys Valley News p90

1971-08-19 Van Nuys Valley News p86

Now Sharon got more involved in AAUW. Note that in 1974, Sharon was the AAUW State Legislative Chair. Also note that her name is now Sharon Schuster.

1974-06-09 Van Nuys Valley News p114

Sharon's AAUW work was honored by the branch in 1974.

1974-06-18 Van Nuys Valley News p19

In 1975, Sharon became the AAUW San Fernando Valley Branch president, resulting in a couple of articles - Nice pic, Mom!

1975-06-05 Van Nuys Valley News p248

1975-10-02 Van Nuys Valley News p88

This article is really about Evelyn Ghormley and Judy Borden, but Sharon gets mentioned because she is branch president

1976-07-04 Van Nuys Valley News p47

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