Yearbook pictures and Newspaper articles about Sheldon Schuster


Back in ancient times, when Dad was young, they only put pictures of the seniors in yearbooks. But Dad appeared in his high school's 1949 yearbook, because he was part of a group called the "Musical Forty Niners. He's in the upper left corner.


Dad appeared two or three times in his high school's 1951 yearbook, First in a picture of the Entertainment Committee, second as his senior portrait, and third in the Honor society photo (I think!)


Dad is in the right hand picture in the second row, all the way on the left.


Dad is in the second picture on the bottom row. His description below reads:
C.M.C., Scarlet and Grey, Library Assistant,
Bowling League, Smith Tourney Finalists,
Honor Society, Division Business Manager,
Symphonic Choir, Service Society, Basketball,
Intramurals, Bookroom.
1951 - Preeminent Doctor
"Brains and personality combined under a modest exterior"

Dad was in the honor society, so he should be in this picture, but there's no text to tell me for sure. I think he is the left-most person in the last row.




The world was a different place in the late Ď50s and early Ď60s.† At that time, if you lived in the bay area and were in a bowling league or a bridge league, your scores might be published in the newspaper.† And so, when I went looking for newspaper articles mentioning my Dad, here is what I found


1957-12-07 Daily Review p13

1958-03-19 Daily Review p10


1958-05-08 Oakland Tribune p42


1959-02-19 Oakland Tribune p24

1959-02-26 Oakland Tribune p25

1959-05-07 Oakland Tribune p36


1959-08-28 Oakland Tribune p16

1959-09-25 Oakland Tribune p28

1959-09-21 Daily Review p10



After my parents moved to Los Angeles in 1966, the bowling and bridge scores stopped.† I think the valley paper didnít report them, because I know Dad was still bowling!† The local papers found other minutiae to report on, like the Hale Junior High and Lockhurst Elementary Advisory councils.


1973-12-16 Van Nuys Valley News p104



Then Dad got involved in building the Platt Library, and I was able to find articles about that.


1974-05-14 Van Nuys Valley News p54


1974-10-03 Van Nuys Valley News p32


1974-10-06 Van Nuys Valley News p108


1974-10-15 Van Nuys Valley News p25


1975-07-18 Van Nuys Valley News p32


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