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In early February, 2012, an article appeared in the Israeli newsletter, Israel Hayom, titled Groom-to-be goes 100 years back in time to prove he is Jewish. It talks about Chicago-born immigrant Yehosha Bloomberg, who needed to prove he is Jewish in order to get married in Israel. Here’s a quote from the article:

“First I Googled my name,” Yehosha described the search. “I found a family tree someone had created using documents tracing back to my great-grandmother, who emigrated from Europe to the U.S.”

Yehosha used the documents he found on that website to prove he is Jewish, which allowed him to marry in Israel.

The “someone” the article refers to is ME! The website is this website and the documents that proved he is Jewish are census pages and ship manifests I have posted here. Yehosha is my 2nd cousin once removed.

I never imagined that my research would have this kind of side benefit to one of my relatives and I am thrilled beyond words that my website enabled him to prove his Jewish heritage and thus get married. What a rush it was to read the article and to realize that it was my website the article referenced! I’ve always described genealogy research as somewhat like a treasure hunt – what a treasure indeed!

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